Crazy Cane
Crazy Cane
Crazy Cane
Crazy Cane
Crazy Cane
Crazy Cane
Crazy Cane
Crazy Cane

Crazy Cane

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Need a cane? Then make one appear! This Magic Appearing Cane is perfect for party tricks or magic performances. It is incredibly easy to open and close the cane. At just one touch, a full-size cane appears instantly at your fingertips. Time to perform!

Amaze your friends with this amazing Appearing Cane!

The staff expands from a small capsule into a full-length magic cane in an instant impressing anyone who witnesses it. 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to close it carefully and as shown in the tutorial to avoid cutting yourself on the sharp edges! It needs practice.

One-touch-opening system: Appearing cane can appear in the blink of an eye. More and more exercises will make you more and more skilled, and you will also appreciate its fun. Have a safety fuse to prevent sudden elongation.
Warning: Please extend your wand when you are not using, this cane extends with a lot of force. DO NOT LET KIDS USE IT! DO NOT POINT YOUR EYES WHEN GOING TO RELEASE IT!

Product description

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver, Black, White, Gold
  • total open length 130cm
  • Package Including:
  • 1*Magic Wand


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